Pet Sitting

Keep your pet stress free in their own home while you are away.  (We specialize in dogs but work with all animals!)

Benefits to your Pet


Moving a pet out of their home can be very stressful. Unfamiliar surroundings, smells, noises, and no "safe places".  On top of the emotional toll it takes on your pet, many pet resorts can feel like a jail.  They even charge you extra for basic care.  We believe that all pets need love, play, exercise, and structure.  We specialize in Special Needs Dogs, that don't do well with new people and places. 


What I do:
  • Feed & Give Fresh Water to your Pet

  • Clean up any messes/give your Pet a bathroom break

  • Walk, Play and Cuddle with your Pet

  • Administer Medications

  • Check on Wellbeing of your Pet

  • Enforce Training or help train basic cues

  • Send updates, photos and videos to you

  • Use Aromatherapy for Enrichment & Relaxation

  • Bring in Mail

  • Water Plants

  • Etc.



Homemade All Natural Treats

Studying Pet Massage & soon Reiki

Use Aromatherapy for Enrichment

Positive Reinforcement

All Natural Products used

American Made Products






Phone: 602-819-8901


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