Beware the Hot Pavement!

How HOT can that pavement really get? Enough to fry an egg and burn your pets paws.

It is hard for us to realize how hot the surface can get because we wear shoes, our pets normally don't. During the hotter days, temperatures can raise the sidewalks/asphalt to a temperature of 158°F+ (hot enough to cook an egg). Exposure to these hot surface temperatures can create burns high enough for humans to be admitted to burn centers!


*Walk your pup in the morning or night ( apx before 9am, after 7pm).

*Check to see how hot the surface is (if you can't hold your hand to the ground for more than 7 seconds, how can your pup walk on it for minutes?)

*Get insulated booties – make sure to test them before using. (If you can’t keep your fingers in them on the pavement, it won’t work for you pup! Also, take note some booties get hotter the longer they are on the surface.)

*Walk your pup on the grass and in the shade.

If you find a good Booties, please let me know!



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