Rattlesnake Advisory

Living in Arizona we are blessed with weird bugs and poisonous creatures. One in particular is the deadly rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes are most active March through October. They can be found in rodent holes, under rocks, in the brush or basking in the sun. Be careful they can easily blend in to their environment! Since Rattlesnakes are cold blooded; during the hot summer they are more active at night or found in cooler areas (shaded areas).

I saw my first Rattlesnake skin on a walk the other day! I have been hearing of people now seeing them out and about.


  • Training - Since dogs see with their nose first, they train your dog to know

the smell of a rattler and to run away. Usually this is done with a shock collar

and live (but caged) snakes. Apx $90

  • Antivenin – works against most snake bites but not all. After 4 hours after

the bite the serum is less effective in reversing the venom. There is no guarantee the antivenin will work. Check to find out which local vets carry this. Apx $600-800 per vial

  • Vaccine – The vaccine may buy you a bit more time to get your pet to an emergency vet for antivenin (make sure they have antivenin). Boosters are needed every 4-6months. Apx $20-40 per injection



http://www.animalmedcenter.com/news-and-press/article/prevention-and- treatment-of-rattlesnake-bites-in-dogs http://www.partnersdogtraining.com/snakeproofing.html


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