Dehydration & Heat Stroke

Arizona is a dry heat! It is easy to not even realize you are sweating. For pets, they do no sweat to cool off like us. One way they release heat is through panting however, short nose pets (Brachycephalic) have a harder time releasing this way. So Brachycephalic pets can over heat easier; same with dogs that are overweight. Another way pets release heat is through Vasodilation; where their blood vessels along the skin dilate. Don't forget, they are covered in fur and hair; so when you take your dog for a walk think about yourself wearing a fur coat!


*Bring lots of water for your pup.

*Walk them in the shade, or when it is cooler outside.

*Keep in mind their physical condition.

*Do more short walks and take breaks.

Heat Stroke Signs:

  • Panting or raspy breathing

  • Dehydration

  • Excessive drooling (ptyalism)

  • Increased body temperature - above 103° F (39° C)

  • Bright Red Gums

  • Production of only small amounts of urine or no urine

  • Vomiting

  • Stumbling or Falling Down

  • Lack of energy/laying on side

More Susceptible Pets

*Overweight, ill & Elderly Pets

*Short nosed pets or pets with breathing problems

*Pets with Heart Problems

*Pets that are confined to an area that can't seek cooler spots

What to do?

*Hose down your pup

*Take your pup to the VET

*Keep the area as cool as possible


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