Coyotes, Bobcats and Javelina... Oh my!

Coyotes, Bobcats and Javelina.... Oh my! Wild animals can jump fences!!! Even though these animals can wander, they are usually seen closer to undeveloped areas (Mountains, fields and etc). I have seen them by Chaparral Dog Park and on even on walks by the Biltmore & McCormick Ranch! These are wild animals that only know what nature has taught them to eat! Coyotes, tend to work in groups; one can even seem like bait while the rest wait. These animals are more active from dusk to dawn but, during breeding season can be seen at all hours. If you see one out during the day, just calmly turn around. Mother's will fight to protect their young; if it isn't out because of rabies.

Small pets are more at risk than large dogs.


*To avoid an incident please keep you pet leashed, and watch them as they are outside.

*If you are taking your pup for a hike, make sure to bring along a noise repellant (most animals flee from loud unknown noises).


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